Conscious MarCom – an introduction

In September 2020, Enhance introduced ethical and conscious MarCom guidelines to a local audience during a public event.

Once a month, we give the opportunity to people to learn more about conscious MarCom and how it is applicable to business and in daily life. Check out an excerpt from our last presentation.

At the core of conscious MarCom are the respect of customers, audiences, and end-users. In that sense, Robert F. Lauterborn’s framework for marketing decision-making is applicable in this context – instead of the traditional McCarthy’s 4 Ps.

One of the prominent examples of bad practices in MarCom can be identified in the digital marketing field. From bad UX design to the inclusion of dark patterns, audiences should be aware of such MarCom “trends”.

Despite some misuse of MarCom tools and tactics, the main challenge for companies that engage in such practices is often the business model – and technology that sustain it – that has to be reframed. To practice conscious MarCom, healthy foundations are required.

Traditional MarCom is made for everyone. Conscious MarCom is for audiences that understand their value and want to interact with companies that respect them. On the companies’ side, such practices are also beneficial for them as they understand that they are an incremental part of the economy.