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Conscious MarCom Event In Geneva

This 26th of September, join Enhance for an introduction about conscious Marketing & Communication (MarCom) – Discover new principles and applications for you to use right now! 🙌


Enhance – the independent agency that advocates for conscious MarCom practices, brings to you an educational event in the heart of l’îlot 13 at Les Grottes. The occasion for participants to learn about conscious MarCom practices that enhance customers and society as a whole. During this session, participants will be invited to have a reflection about MarCom and get advice on how they can implement conscious practices at work (or else).


Born from the Lauterborn’s 4 Cs (1990) marketing mix framework, conscious MarCom is the discipline for the next generation of marketers and other conscious actors in society. Conscious MarCom requires a strong holistic vision in marketing, while taking into consideration customer experiences and psychological implications for audiences. Instead of developing MarCom for specific end-results, we envision a new way that allows brands to co-create with employees/customers while aiming for positive economical and societal results.


The session is for professionals who want to discover and create MarCom experiences that enhance customers – in a conscious way.


Material we will use during the session: Scientific (incl. science of psychology, branding, UX, etc.) insights to consider to achieve conscious MarCom, reality-based examples of best/bad practices in MarCom, practical exercises to achieve in groups.


👉 More information about the location and seat reservations on Eventbrite (go to the event page here).


*** Q & A **
For which type of participant is this session?
  • Entrepreneurs: who want to get insights on how to deliver conscious MarCom actions for their employees and customers
  • Traditional employees: who want to create and offer a better MarCom experience for themselves, their colleagues, or the company.
  • People who want to discover an innovative discipline that aims to further society’s goals and bring incremental results for all.
What will you learn during the event?
  • You’ll understand what conscious MarCom is and the mindset behind it
  • You’ll get insights on “unconscious” MarCom and how to recognize such practices
  • You’ll discover how to implement conscious actions to enhance the general MarCom experience and get more impact with end-users
This event is for you if:
  • You understand that society deserves better than top-down messages from companies.
  • You consider yourself as a co-creator of our global experience. Therefore, you know that what you put out there has an impact on others.
  • While not being against traditional society’s standards, you understand that there’s value in disturbing the status quo.
  • You understand that what’s worth pursuing takes time. Therefore, you’re interested in principles that shape our foundations (in marketing, society, etc.).
  • You believe that doing better in any discipline implies starting the work with(in) you. Therefore, you have an open mind with a continuous learning mindset – ready to see what works and what doesn’t without being defensive about it.
This event if not for you if:
  • You want to learn how to get ahead with MarCom tactics that bring immediate results
  • You believe in monetary end-results that mainly benefit you, your position, or your company. (Nop, this is not that kind of party :))