Enhance Your Personal Online Presence

We create amazing digital products to showcase yourself as an awesome individual and incredible professional that you are!

How do we do that?

We combine personal branding and digital design to create the most accurate and empowering digital version of yourself in the form of an awesome digital platform (aka your online portfolio/CV).

Why such product is so important for you right now?

Everybody has something amazing to offer to the world and your awesome personality and overall profile needs to shine for the entire world to see.

Now, it’s time for you to communicate with everyone about your unique qualities as an individual but also as a professional in your field.

This will be an amazing journey to embark on and create new opportunities for yourself by being in charge of your digital presence.

Why get such a killer product for yourself?

– Wheater you consider it good or bad, everybody nowadays has a digital presence. For this reason, let’s grab this opportunity and showcase your personality the way you choose to define it!

– Creating a digital portfolio/CV will allow you to show a good deal about you in an easy and shareable way, which will enhance connexion with others as people will understand who you are quite rapidly.

– CVs are outdated and digital CV will become more common in the near future (even for non-creative industries)! To make your profile pop up, an online portfolio will help tremendously!

– If you are a professional who comes from a non-creative industry, chances are that you’re less familiar with the concept of a creative portfolio.

What are Enhance’s best propositions for you?

Get one of our digital packages and start right now your journey into digital branding!

The RADICAL package

This one-page website is a simple yet effective portfolio/digital CV designed for entry or mid-level professionals, solopreneurs, or students with the following purpose: to showcase yourself as an amazing professional with a great deal of potential!


For more information about this product, go here to get the full description!

The TALGO package

TALGO means “There’s a Lot Going On”. Therefore, this portfolio and digital CV is a multi-page website that showcases the established professional and unique individual you are! This package is for professionals, consultants, or advanced students/researchers, and even personalities!


Get the full description of the pack here.

Frequently asked questions


Why would I buy such a product when I can do it myself for free?

With all the technology and tools available, you would certainly be able to create your own digital portfolio without our help.

However, what you will need to have – in addition to patience, dedication, time and skills – is a clear yet empowering vision of yourself in order to translate it into a digital platform. An that is precisely we shine at. Based on the information you provide about you, we are able to make an accurate picture of yourself and translate it into an engaging digital platform for the world to see.

As a result, our platform will do more than providing information about you. Our product will be part of a personal branding strategy that promotes and enhances you like no other traditional provider would: That’s our promise to you.


Why would I need a digital portfolio in the first place?

Because a digital platform is an affordable way to showcase who you are as a person and as a professional.

More than just a CV, a portfolio allows you to visually showcase your work but also personal creations such as articles or else.

Overall, a digital portfolio demonstrates the ability to communicate to others the best version of yourself without being constrained by platforms like LinkedIn or traditional paper CVs. 

By creating your own digital CV, you not only have an active approach towards digital by embracing your digital presence but also by taking charge of your personal branding.


I don’t really know what to put on a digital portfolio, I am more of a “traditional profile”.

Everyone has qualities to share with the world. There’s no good or bad profiles, only different paths.

We know how to help you to provide relevant information and attractive qualities you have to showcase. As experienced professionals in psychology and branding, part of our job is to make you find out about your top qualities, your scope of actions, and to unveil the best vision of yourself.


I am not sure if I should go with the Radical or the Talgo package, what should I do?

Sometimes it’s difficult to define precisely how much we have to share with the world.

If you’re not sure, you should initially go for the Radical package. During our initial consulting sessions, we will be able to see if this digital product is enough to showcase your profile or if you’ll need something more sophisticated.

If this is the case, we will either advise you to directly upgrade to a Talgo package or to go on with the Radical one with the additional features needed to make it perfect for you.


How is this digital product made?

We commonly use HTML/CSS or WordPress templates that we personalize to provide tailor-made digital products in a timely manner while remaining affordable.

Such digital templates are carefully selected to fulfill your projects and to fully tailor-made to your needs.

However, if your web project requires a full web design from scratch, we will be happy to team up with external partners to answer your needs (upon additional fees).


More questions? Feel free to contact us directly via email here!