Great Design Enhances Action

Innovative designs for corporate branding are the new do, as effective creative design enhances customer engagement and action. They are especially popular for innovative businesses offering digital services and products such as digital publishing and B2B platforms, creative or digital companies, and brands in the Tech industry.

The Goal

Creating tailor-made branding visuals for your corporate communication to enhance the global brand identity of the company.

Good Practices

Two great examples are Medium, the online publishing platform, and Headspace, the digital health company that provides guided meditation and mindfulness training.

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Medium holds a distinctive brand identity that encompasses a savvy mix of great aesthetics and references to the brand offers and industry. The visuals are aligned with the brand while highlighting the actions they purposefully illustrate. Plus, there’s a great balance between static and animated images.

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On the Headspace’s side, the brand created a distinctive imagery to illustrate what the brand is about, to educate customers about their practices, and how to use their product.

Why does it work?

Creating tailor-made visuals for your company enhances the brand identity, which makes it more recognizable for customers, increases attention, and creates an incentive to read content and follow call-to-actions. To sum up, it generates customer engagement.

How to achieve it?

Ideate various branding concepts that highlight the visual identity of the brand, while considering the final goals of those visuals (enhancing call-to-actions, introducing a video, etc.) and understanding their destination (landing pages, videos, pop-ups, etc.). To achieve this, all designs need to be aligned with the global corporate identity and underline the actions the brand wants to highlight. Finally, all new branding assets should bring added-value to the brand and its customers and have a true purpose for the overall MarCom of the company.