Kora_the story

Kora, the story.

“Khôra is the promise of the “new” that stands against the old, against which we measure all our limited inventions and creations. It tells us that there is always more to say. We can always say more. When we formulate arguments we do not merely represent ideas we’ve hunted down or even created—we are creating them and they reveal themselves to us as revelations of ourselves.” – Michael C. Souders

Since 2020, Kora – the new personal and career development brand – wants to shape resilient human beings that thrive in today’s world by bringing innovative coaching services and curated content tailor-made for millennials and Gen Z.

Inspired by Plato’s term “khôra” or the “receptacle of all creation” which represents the “between-space” or “transitional space that is immaterial” where ideas are created in the mind, the brand aims to create a “place of being” and a space for growth for younger generations.

Thanks to generation-oriented teachings, we help young profiles navigate through various stages of personal and career development so they can be active co-creators and become tomorrow’s conscious society’s shapers.