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Let's Reshape MarCom

We want to redefine your view on #MarCom and enhance positive and ethical values in the field. Our goal is to support brands who bring added value to their customers and overall society in a conscious way.

What We Bring


Visual & content definition, corporate identity, brand alignment, tone-of-voice & wording/naming study, brand mgmt.


Digital platforms ideation and implementation, digital strategy, digital design, digital content creations, digital channels management.


Digital marketing, corporate communication, content marketing, MarCom strategy, content production, ad campaigns.


MarCom print & digital supports, multipurpose kits (press/portfolio/presentation), digital design, magazines & publications, social media kit, visual ads.


Digital onboarding, change MGMT, digital product & work processes implementation.


Market research, product & services definition, market trends, customer analysis.

The Consultancy

The network of passionate conscious experts in the MarCom field.

Digital assistant

The digital assistant to bring people and businesses at their best! - coming soon.

It’s not only certain people who have a licence to speak. Now everyone has a licence to speak. It’s a question of who gets heard.

Aaron Swartz American Internet activist
No. 01

“Our goal is to bring awareness to projects and companies that engage in the journey of purposeful and honest endeavors.”

Cora Veesenmeyer Founder & CEO
No. 02

"Life has no clear purpose, but as artists we give it a form."

Ai Weiwei Artist and activist
No. 03

"We have a choice every day of our lives: Accept things as they are or take responsibility for changing them."

Cory Booker US Senator
No. 04

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