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MarCom - the conscious way.

The goal at Enhance is to support brands who make a difference to their customers and society as a whole. Redefining marketing and communications (MarCom) by enhancing purposeful and ethical guidelines in the field and offering conscious strategies and tools in MarCom for businesses that care : that's what the creative & conscious brand is all about.

The Portfolio

The Services


MarCom Strategy, Corporate Communication, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Production, MarCom Campaigns.


Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Website & Social Media Management, Digital Tools Implementations.


Brand Identity, Brand Alignment, Brand Messaging (Tone-of-voice, Wording/Naming Study), Brand Definition and Management.


Market Research, Product/Service Definition, Customer and Competitor Analysis.

Our Insights

  • When the beer brand Bud Light attempts to revamp its image by partnering with a transactivist influencer and it leads to social media backlash, customer boycotts, and stocks plummeting.

  • Once a month, we give the opportunity to people to learn more about conscious MarCom and how it is applicable to business and in daily life. Check out an excerpt from our last presentation.

  • This 26th of September, Enhance - the independent agency that advocates for conscious MarCom practices - , brings to you an educational event in the heart of l’îlot 13 at Les Grottes. The occasion for

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